Mexico’s “Duck Season” (Temporada de patos) has sold to a slew of territories since its Cannes Critics Week debut on May 14.

According to Peter Danner, sales and acquisitions manager of international sales company Funny Balloons, the black-and-white pic has been sold to the U.K.’s Optimum Releasing, Spain and Portugal’s ABL Augusto, Switzerland’s Look Now Distribution and France’s Rezo Films. Bright Angel bought all rights to Benelux territories.

Danner is in talks with buyers from the U.S. and other territories.

The debut feature of Fernando Eimbcke won a record-breaking seven Mayahuel awards at March’s Guadalajara Mexican & Iberoamerican Film Festival as well as the $50,000 JVC cash prize from Guadalajara businessman Jorge Vergara.

Vergara co-owns shingle Anhelo Prods. with Mexican helmer Alfonso Cuaron (“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”).

Eimbcke stands to receive an additional $50,000 from Anhelo if he decides to shoot his next film with them. Cuaron, in Cannes as the co- producer of “Cronicas” and “The Assassination of Richard Nixon,” attended one of “Duck’s” official screenings.

Producer Christian Valdelievre is in direct talks with bidders for the Mexican rights.

Written by Eimbcke, “Duck Season” is a wry comedy about two 14-year-old boys whose tedium one Sunday afternoon is disrupted when a pretty neighbor and a pizza delivery guy come knocking.