Dimension pulling ‘Doll’ strings for redo

'Master' gets a makeover by studio

Dimension Films has acquired the rights to redo “Doll Master,” a South Korean horror pic directed by neophyte Jeong Yong-ki.

In an AFM deal made with Korean rights holder Cineclick Asia, Dimension inked for a remake as well as North American and Aussie distrib rights on the original.

Story concerns a bunch of dolls that take on the lives of their owners after they’re dead. Dimension acquisition execs Dede Nickerson and Michelle Krumm brought the deal in; Dimension co-prexys Brad Weston and Andrew Rona will oversee the redo.

Suh Young-joo, managing director of Cineclick Asia, said the deal was a straight purchase in perpetuity and that Cineclick will receive a cut of international gross receipts on the remake plus a bonus on its domestic performance. Overall deal was worth seven figures.

Cineclick has been busy clearing its library shelf: Tartan Films USA picked up U.S. rights to “H,” “Coast Guard,” “Samaritan Girl,” “Acacia” and “Sorum.”