Comic superheroes fly to Hollywood

Aftermath of comics deal targets all media

A new lineup of superheroes is hitting Hollywood.

Producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter have licensed Aftermath, a new line of comicbooks from publisher Devil’s Due. They’re planning to adapt the titles, set in a self-contained universe, for film, TV and vidgames.

Aftermath features several new characters created by veteran comicbook talents, including “Blade of Kumori,” a modern female samurai; “Defex,” about a group of college students who alter their DNA; “Breakdown,” the private life of the world’s first superhero; and “Infantry,” about the survivor of a military experiment.

“These characters represent the next generation of icons,” predicted Alter.

Producers are in talks with several vidgame publishers. They’re hoping to create a series of games featuring all of Aftermath’s characters across consoles, online games and wireless devices.

On the film and TV front, they’re aiming to sell the Aftermath characters individually for separate projects.

“We didn’t just want to set these up for film and TV and hope a game happens,” Askarieh said. “These are interesting characters and worlds that are perfect for TV, film and games.”

Alter’s Alter Ego Entertainment manages Devil’s Due and Askarieh’s Prime Universe Prods. has a first-look deal with the comicbook publisher.

Askarieh and producer Chuck Gordon are producing “Spy Hunter” for Universal and recently licensed vidgame Psi-Ops.

Devil’s Due, topped by Josh Blaylock, has thus far been known primarily for its comics based on ’80s licensed properties such as Transformers and Masters of the Universe. The Aftermath line of comics, which debuted at the San Diego Comic-Con and will launch this fall, is its first stab at original superhero characters.