Brando eyes role as self for Belhi pic

Pic centers on Tunisian searching for the American dream

Marlon Brando is in negotiatons to play himself in “Brando and Brando,” a movie by renowned Tunisian director Ridha Behi.

Pic will be produced by London-based Norma Heyman through Heyman-Hoskins Prods., her joint company with Bob Hoskins.

“Brando and Brando,” written by Behi, is the story of a young innocent from Tunisia who is fascinated by the American Dream as embodied by Brando. He travels to the States on a journey of hope that turns to disillusionment and isolation.

Behi says the screenplay is “a path to explore the desperately unfair conflict between Western technological and materialistic power and those many human beings whose only weapons are their identity and their timeless values.”

Pic is a U.K./France/Tunisia co-production, budgeted at $5.5 million and part funded by the Tunisian Film Fund. Shooting is set for summer.

It was brought to Heyman-Hoskins by associate producers Phil Symes and Ronaldo Mourao, who developed the original script with Behi and first took the project to Brando. Brando has subsequently worked closely with Behi on the further development of the script.

Behi’s most recent movie was “The Magic Box,” which screened at the Venice fest in 2002. He has had two pics in official selection at Cannes.