‘Troy’ topples ‘Van’

War epic pulls in $54.7 mil worlwide

Call it “Troy the Destroyer”: Warners’ Greek odyssey pulverized the competition, chiefly the soph session of “Van Helsing,” all over the world last weekend.

The Brad Pitt-Eric Bana starrer nabbed an estimated $54.7 million from 6,722 playdates in 47 markets, an emphatic No. 1 in all, eclipsing its domestic preem.

“Troy” outmuscled the previous weekend’s bows of Universal’s monster hunter pic just about everywhere except Malaysia

The Trojan War epic captured a socko $8.5 million on 1,158 screens in Germany (27% higher than “Van Helsing” and the territory’s biggest debut this year). It notched up $6.3 million on 464 in Spain (7% ahead, and WB’s third best ever, excluding sneaks); $5.1 million in four days on 743 in France (4% up on “Van’s” five-day opener, and in admissions the best for a U.S. release this year); and $4.7 million on 416 in Australia (43% to the good, not counting “Helsing’s” previews).

Director Wolfgang Petersen’s pic drummed up $3.5 million on 730 in Mexico (WB’s fourth-biggest preem), $1.7 million in Greece (an industry record, sans sneaks, dethroning “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King”) and $1.7 million on 451 in Brazil (70% bigger than the vampire pic) .

Other markets that generated $1 million-plus include Turkey’s $1.4 million, Austria’s $1.3 million, Holland’s $1.2 million, Switzerland’s and Thailand’s $1.1 million and Sweden’s $1 million. Slightly less impressive were Singapore’s $722,000 (a bit better than “The Last Samurai’s” entry) and Malaysia’s $308,000.

Wobbly legs

“Van Helsing” tumbled by around 55% on average, wounded as much by word of mouth as “Troy’s” invasion, minting $23 million from 4,876 screens in 38 countries handled by UIP, plus $1.5 million from Russia, the Philippines and Iceland where it’s released by indies.

Its cume hit $95 million, and seemingly is headed for $150 million in UIP’s markets; how close it will get to $200 million will depend on how strongly it resonates in Japan and South Korea.

Hugh Jackman-Kate Beckinsale starrer was No. 1 again in Blighty, despite plunging 52% to $4.4 million. Its 10-day tally hit $17.5 million, outpacing helmer-writer Stephen Sommers’ previous “The Mummy” by 29% and “The Mummy Returns” by 14%.

Pic collapsed by 58% in France, coining $2.1 million, advancing to $7.7 million in 12 days, 11% below the first “Mummy” but 21% ahead of the sequel.

It minted $3 million in Germany (down 56%), raking in $12.1 million in 11 days, and $2.1 million in Spain (plummeting 58% after its company record debut), tallying $8.1 million, tracking well ahead of both “Mummy” capers.

Monster pic reigned again in Italy, snaring $1.8 million (dropping 54%), biting off $6.9 million in 10 days and later this week will overtake “Mummy Returns’ ” $7.7 million.

“Helsing” declined by 54% in Australia, banking $6.2 million to date; shed 40% in Mexico, cuming $5.4 million; and lost 42% in Brazil, for $2.1 million.

Prized ‘Education’

One of the few rookies to make an impression, Pedro Almodovar’s “Bad Education” mustered $1.8 million on 297 in France after its Cannes fest launch.

Winding up its foreign tour, “Big Fish” fetched a soft $1.3 million on 238 in Japan, trailing the second weekend of local hit “Crying out for Love in the Center of the World.”

Tim Burton’s fantasy has grossed a reasonable $48.3 million, highlighted by the U.K.’s $11.5 million, France’s $7.3 million and Italy’s $4.2 million; but it didn’t catch on in Mexico, Germany and Asia.

Still playing on 1,743 screens abroad, “The Passion of the Christ” levitated to $229.2 million, including Italy’s $26.7 million, the U.K.’s $20.4 million and Japan’s solid $8.1 million after its third chapter.

“Kill Bill Vol. 2” climbed to $55.8 million in 32 markets, boosted by South Korea’s lively $620,000 opener on 90. However, Quentin Tarantino’s pic is running out of steam elsewhere after amassing $14.5 million in the U.K., a tame $8.9 million in Japan, $6.4 million in Germany, $5.7 million in Italy and $5.4 million in Oz, all through its fourth stanzas.

“Dawn of the Dead” topped “Bill” in Korea, devouring $671,000 on 90, but drew a bloodless $1.6 million on 183 in Japan. Horror pic’s estimated cume is $27 million in 18 markets, led by the U.K.’s $10.4 million, but it’s had modest contributions from Germany, Italy, Spain and Mexico.