‘Bill’ a blast o’seas

Debutantes 'Gothika,' 'Godsend' also strong

Holdovers and a handful of rookies including “Starsky & Hutch,” “Gothika” and the unheralded “Godsend” held sway in major territories last weekend. Few distribs were brave or silly enough to launch films ahead of this weekend’s invasion of “Van Helsing” in 46 countries.

Typifying the generally subdued frame, “Kill Bill Vol. 2” was the top earner despite steep soph-session plunges. Quentin Tarantino’s splatterfest captured an estimated $10 million on 2,562 screens in 27 markets, elevating its cume to $36.1 million. However, it’s tracking below the first edition, which amassed $109.7 million abroad. Sequel ruled on debut in Greece ($235,000 on 35), New Zealand ($229,000 on 32), Portugal ($214,000 on 45) and Taiwan ($177,000).

“Bill 2” wasn’t potent in Hong Kong, scoring $215,000 on 25, 5% below the first edition, which didn’t click there. It retained pole position in Scandinavia and the Czech Republic, as well as in the U.K., despite dropping 38%, ringing up $2.5 million to bring the market cume to a strapping $9.9 million in 10 days.

Through its second chapters, Uma Thurman/David Carradine starrer has racked up $4.8 million apiece in Japan (off 33%) and Germany (plunging 51%), $4.1 million in Italy (losing 46%) and $4 million in Australia (down 56%).

In Japan, the vengeance tale was spooked by “The Haunted Mansion,” which grabbed $4.2 million in its second outing, up 8% thanks to the Golden Week vacation to lift its haul to a lucrative $12.4 million. Disney family pic has pocketed $86.4 million after strong perfs in Europe and Latin America but minor contributions from the rest of Asia, and is heading for $100 million.

“Starsky & Hutch” collared $440,000 on 52 in Belgium (a career best for Ben Stiller, beating “Meet the Parents”) and $393,000 on 87 in Holland. Comedy mustered $2.4 million in France, abating by a modest 34%, picking up a fab $6.7 million in 12 days; its cume is $60.3 million in 33 territories, including Oz’s terrif $8.5 million.

Winding its foreign tour Down Under, “Gothika” trapped $1.2 million on 187, sending its cume to $75.6 million, outpacing domestic’s $59.6 million. Halle Berry starrer’s best efforts are France’s $11.2 million, the U.K.’s $9.5 million, Spain’s $8.2 million and Germany’s $8.1 million: Japan was its only notable misfire.

‘Godsend’ rules Spain

Illustrating Spanish auds’ enthusiasm for the horror/thriller genre, “Godsend” cloned $1.17 million on 281. In hindsight, that wasn’t a smart time to launch “The Butterfly Effect,” which brought in $881,000 on 209.

“50 First Dates” was tops in Brazil, drawing $705,000 on 169, the biggest opening yet for Adam Sandler, disarming “Anger Management.” Romantic comedy was No. 1 again in Germany, seducing $2 million (easing by just 21%), spurring the 11-day tally to $5.1 million; it declined by a mere 8% in Spain, banking $2.2 million in 10 days. “Dates” wooed $7.1 million in 29 territories, boosting cume to a hearty $46.3 million.

“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” entered the U.K. in second place, fetching an impressive $1.8 million on 343. Jim Carrey/Kate Winslet starrer has coined a neat $1.4 million through its third stanza in Oz.

The Brits evidently find “The Calcium Kid” about as funny as a toothache: The laffer, featuring Orlando Bloom as a milkman/amateur boxer who winds up fighting the world champ, hit the canvas with $110,000 on 82.

“Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed” climbed to $81.9 million in 58 territories, with Japan ahead. Warners’ canine caper was muzzled as it bowed in Russia and South Korea, but it has devoured a superb $25.9 million in the U.K., $8.9 million in Mexico and $8.5 million in France.

Small B.O. ‘Window’

Johnny Depp isn’t winning many fans for “Secret Window,” which opened with a mediocre $1.36 million on 370 in the U.K. and $1.33 million on 447 in Germany. Thriller has generated a ho-hum $23.6 million in 40 markets.

“Taking Lives” took an estimated $1.4 million on 250 in France and $814,000 on 195 in Italy after tanking in the U.K. and Germany, and respectable runs in Spain and Australia. Angelina Jolie starrer has scraped up $23.7 million in 50 territories with Japan and sundry small fry ahead: no surprise given domestic’s paltry $32 million and change.

Miramax was heartened to see “Cold Mountain” gain 13% in its second sojourn in Japan, upping the market total to $3.4 million; its cume topped $72 million.