“Hotel Rwanda” and “Innocent Voices” will share the Producers Guild of America’s 2005 Stanley Kramer Award, recognizing work that highlights social issues.

Org will honor “Hotel Rwanda” producers A. Kitman Ho and Terry George and “Innocent Voices” producers Lawrence Bender, Luis Mandoki and Alejandro Soberon at its PGA Awards gala Jan. 22.

“Hotel Rwanda” tells the story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager in Rwanda who sheltered more than 1,000 refugees from that nation’s genocidal civil war. “Innocent Voices” is based on Oscar Torres’ childhood in El Salvador, where more than 70,000 lives were lost in a civil war during the 1980s and boys like Torres were forcibly conscripted.

Artists for Amnesty director Bonnie Abaunza said, ” ‘Hotel Rwanda’ and ‘Innocent Voices’ poignantly illustrate the crucial role the art of filmmaking can play in raising critically important issues of social justice and conscience in the public discourse.”

Previous recipients of the Stanley Kramer Award include “In America,” “Antwone Fisher” and “I Am Sam.”