In the pipeline

Ten upcoming CG-animated features

Ghost in the Shell 2 (DreamWorks – Sept. 17)
Traditional hand-drawn animation mixes with CG in this anime tale set in 2032, where the line between humans and robots blurs and a murder investigation could unlock the meaning of life.

Shark Tale (DreamWorks – Oct. 1)
A small-time hustler (voiced by Will Smith) yearns to swim with the big fishes, but that could be a bad thing when he runs afoul of the local mob boss, a great white shark voiced by Robert De Niro. Renee Zellweger, Jack Black and Martin Scorsese also lend a vocal chord.

The Incredibles (Disney – Nov. 5)
Forced into the witness protection program, ex-superhero Mr. Incredible leads a quiet suburban life as an insurance claims adjuster — until a former nemesis pulls him back into the game. Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson are among the vocal talent, with Pixar handling production.

The Polar Express (Warners – Nov. 10)
A boy’s unwavering faith in Santa Claus is rewarded — and Sony Pictures Imageworks’ performance-capture technology introduced — when a train stops in front of his house for a trip to the North Pole. Robert Zemeckis directs, with Tom Hanks voicing the train conductor.

Robots (Fox – March 2005)
A young genius wants to use robots for good, but a corporate tyrant has other ideas. Dialogue spoken by Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry and Mel Brooks. CG work handled by Blue Sky Studios, the company behind Fox’s “Ice Age.”

Madagascar (DreamWorks – May 2005)
On a trip to Africa, the contentedly captive animals of the Central Park Zoo are shipwrecked on Madagascar and must learn to live in the wild. Voices supplied by Chris Rock, Ben Stiller, Jada Pinkett Smith and David Schwimmer.

Chicken Little (Disney – July 2005)
After nearly destroying the town with her fabled false alarm, Chicken Little is sent to reform school, where she uncovers a disastrous plot. It’s the first time Disney will produce a CG-animation feature on its own. Joan Cusack and “Scrubs'” Zach Braff are the vocal stars.

Over the Hedge (DreamWorks – November 2005)
A mischievous con-artist raccoon (voiced by Jim Carrey) and a sensitive turtle (Garry Shandling) fight to protect their woodland suburb from human progress.

Cars (Disney – November 2005)
A group of classic cars heads out for comic adventure on Route 66 in what could be the final Pixar film made in partnership with Disney. Voices include Owen Wilson, Paul Newman and Bonnie Hunt.

A Day With Wilbur Robinson (Disney – Summer 2006)
A boy genius inadvertently travels forward in time.