Gawker Media is bringing its catty brand of Internet gossip to Hollywood with today’s launch of Web site Defamer.com.

While popular sister sites Gawker.com and Wonkette.com focus on East Coast media and entertainment players, new blog will target Hollywood directors, producers, studio execs, script writers and just about anyone else with power. It also will keep running tabs on box office buzz and provide plenty of links to other relevant sites and points of interest.

“There is a huge gap in this sort of gossip and cultural coverage. The print media is at times stale, and people want to know about the real players. People want invasive news. It’s the next move in celebrity cultural coverage,” said Gawker Media editorial director Choire Sicha.

No name for Defamer topper

Gawker Media isn’t giving up the name of the person in charge of Defamer, saying it’s better if he remains anonymous. Among other subjects, launch edition is expected to discuss Thursday night’s “Friends” finale, including spoilers from people working on the episode. It also will address the ongoing contract talks between the Writers Guild of America and producers.

Defamer likes to think it has no direct competition, claiming it complements such sites as L.A. Observed or LA Innuendo.

“We say, the more the merrier,” Sicha said.