Scribes play along with videogame pact

Gamer signs duo to exclusive deal

The vidgame biz is going Hollywood, golden-age style.

In the first deal of its kind, game publisher Ubisoft has signed writer-producers Corey May and Michael “Dooma” Wendschuh to a one-year pact, believed to be worth mid-six figures, under which they’ll provide scribe services exclusively for its titles — an arrangement similar to film studio talent deals in the early days.

The pair are prohibited from working for other game publishers during the term of their Ubisoft contract.

May and Wendschuh, who are producing “Wind in the Willows” for Disney and “The Dogs of Babel” for Focus Features and writing several in-development pics, will work on numerous games, primarily franchise titles.

They already wrote the “Prince of Persia 2,” which will come out in November, and are expected to continue work on future iterations in the franchise among their other projects.

“Prince of Persia” is separately being adapted into a film by Jerry Bruckheimer Prods.

“We have discovered that, as our business becomes mature, we need writers who can create a story and build characters, and those people come from Hollywood,” said Yanus Mallet, exec producer for Ubisoft’s “Prince of Persia” titles. “We tend to incorporate people working on games into the team, and an exclusive contract seemed the best way to do that.”

Scribes added that the pact will assist them in securing projects in their role as producers.

“We’ll have the opportunity to bring in potential licenses from Hollywood and bring some of their projects out here,” Wendschuh commented.