McDonalds to serve DVDs

Fast food chain to offer 30-40 titles at $1 per night

Save room for a McDVD.

McDonald’s Corp. said Monday that it will be rolling out a DVD rental service in more than 100 of its Denver-area fast food outlets in the next four weeks.

In what could ultimately be a major attack on the supremacy of leading vid rental chains like Blockbuster and Hollywood Entertainment, McDonald’s will install automatic kiosks owned and operated by a company called DVDPlay. Units will offer 30-40 popular titles at a rental rate of only $1 per night. The DVD rental machines can hold up to 350 DVDs each. No membership is required and customers can use credit cards to pay for the disc.

Customers can return the discs to any McDonald’s restaurant that features the kiosks (where presumably they will be seduced into buying more fries and shakes).

Some 24 Denver-area McDonald’s restaurants have so far been equipped with the machines, with another 80 set to be up and running by the end of June.

The Denver test expands upon earlier trial runs in Las Vegas and Washington D.C., which reportedly were highly successful.