Lorimar co-founder Merv Adelson has pacted with his son, Emmy-winning producer Andrew Adelson, to launch a new direct-to-DVD production and distribution shingle. Lightforce Entertainment will specialize in live-action kids entertainment.

First up, the duo have signed writer Danny Kallis (“Who’s the Boss”) and director Kevin Tancharoen (Britney Spears’ “The Onyx Hotel” tour) to come up with “The JammX Kids” series of DVDs.

Kallis, Tancharoen and the Adelsons selected 10 actor/dancer/singers between the ages of 6 and 17 to star in “The JammX Kids,” which tells the story of a kid who can’t dance. The JammX Kids come to his rescue, and the boy learns how to hip-hop dance.

Lightforce hopes to eventually produce 12 DVDs in the “JammX” series, the first of which will be released later this year. Merv Adelson said he’s looking at several direct-to-consumer distribution models, in which the DVD will be sold mostly online and via some direct response avenues.

He has no plans to pitch the project to a TV outlet.

“I was in the TV business long enough,” he said. “I want to do something different.”

Adelson’s Lorimar was behind dramas such as “Dallas” and “The Waltons,” and also distributed the breakthrough Jane Fonda workout video. After selling the operation to Warners, he served as a Time Warner vice chairman.

Andy Andelson produced “Max Headroom” and received awards for programs such as “I Know My First Name Is Steven,” “Out of Darkness” and “Hiroshima.”

Kallis’ other credits include “Silver Spoons” and “Smart Guy,” while Tancharoen has worked with artists such as Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson and Tyrese.

Merv Adelson said he has several other concepts in the works.

“I love the idea of live-action kids programming, so we’ll come up with more ideas as an alternative to animation,” he said.