Inside Move: Rabbit ears

Town tunes in bunny shorts

Hollywood’s hopping like crazy for the bunnies.

Animator Jennifer Shiman‘s collection of 30-second re-enactments of Hollywood pics starring bunnies have become the latest Web phenom to grab popular attention and, now, a TV deal.

Shiman launched her first bunnies short, “The Exorcist in 30 Seconds,” in February and quickly saw traffic to her site, AngryAlien.com, grow to 25,000 visitors per day. Site’s biggest hit, a re-enactment of “Jaws,” drew traffic of up to 10,000 visitors per hour.

Like Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s original “South Park” short, which circulated through the biz on VHS, Shiman’s shorts have been emailed around Hollywood and have landed her a deal with the Starz! channel.

Pay cabler has commissioned the animator to make three more of her 30-second bunny re-enactments to promote a marathon of horror pics planned for Halloween weekend. Starz! will run the shorts — along with five bunny-hosted station IDs Shiman is creating — throughout the weekend.

She’s also got industry fans like helmer Bryan Singer and scribe Michael Dougherty providing voices and is working with management shingle Quattro Media on future projects.

“The bunny troupe is a great entity that I can do a lot with,” Shiman says of her idea, which include a TV series and DVD collection.

But first, she promises, she’ll figure out which movies to re-enact next from her huge list of requests.