‘Idol’ times for ‘Shrek 2’

Simon takes on ogre icon

Simon Cowell will join the “Shrek 2” party in a special interactive version of an “American Idol”-like competition to be featured on the film’s Nov. 5 DVD release (suggested retail price $29.99).

Cowell stars in CG animation wearing his familiar black T-shirt in bonus feature “Far, Far Away Idol.”The eight minutes of new animation features characters from the film battling it out to be chosen the best singer by Cowell, Fiona and Shrek in an extension of the movie’s conclusion.

“Shrek 2,” expected to be the top-selling DVD of the year, tops DreamWorks’ fourth-quarter lineup of releases in box office strength. “The Terminal” has already been announced for Nov. 23, and the “Collateral” release date, likely in early December, will be announced shortly.

The studio is backing the release with its biggest marketing campaign ever, a five-month, multimillion-dollar ad blitz that began in August.

DreamWorks also is offering a four-disc “Shrek: The Story So Far” gift set for $54.99.