Snubbed movies remembered

Chud lists 100 pix worthy of a second look


Chud.com posts a long, full list of 100 movies, mostly from 1990 onwards, that deserve “more love.” It makes for fine, fun debate and a lot of “oh yeah, that one!” moments.

Though there’s an abundance of sci fi and action movies, the list is also a powerful reminder that no movie, no matter how novel, striking, earnest or well-cast, is guaranteed success.

You can (and will) disagree with a few of these choices, but the writers, Dan Whitehead and site creator Nick Nunziata, do a great job of justifying their reasoning. About “The Long Kiss Goodnight,” for example, Whitehead writes, “This movie is like rare steak, cheap vodka or high-tar cigarettes. You know it’s bad for you, you know it’s crass and obscene but, by the squibs of Jesus, it’s fun.”

Chud, incidentally, is a movie news and rumor site with a busy discussion board that offers a goodly amount of screening opportunities to its fans. And yes, the name is inspired by that sewer movie C.H.U.D. whose box cover creeped me out when I was a kid browsing the video store, but the site’s full name is actually “Cinematic Happenings Under Development.”

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