‘Hell’s’ loud as bells


Sony’s Hellboy movie Web starts with a popup that plays the trailer at full volume — it’s cool that it doesn’t ask you what software you have installed, but it is a bit loud when your spouse is trying to sleep nearby.

Sony’s site does the right thing and tells you when the movie will be out. They also have a tie to Best Buy, which is offering a “featurette” via a link from the Sony site (but you have to be sharp-eyed to find it on the destination page.

The site itself has a very X2 feel to it: Metallic structures swerve to and fro, music plays eerily, and things may or may not be buttons — click on everything, if you have time to waste.

I haven’t seen a movie site yet give such prominence to the film’s score and composer — while you’re surfing, you’re listening to the actual movie soundtrack, and you can switch tracks at will.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit the whole of this site — it kept crashing the browser on my Mac.

So I finished up by surfing http://www.hellboy.com/, the official site of the comic’s writer. Plain white background, pages that load quickly, tons of information — ahhhh. I was almost in heaven.

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