‘Butterfly’ kept as ‘Pet’

Movie site misdirects

A correction was made to this article on Feb. 15, 2004.


Here’s a puzzler for you… Why, when you go to the movie site “www.thebutterflyeffect.com” (movie distributed by New Line), do you end up at the site for “Teacher’s Pet” (movie distributed by Buena Vista).

The domain’s owner, Brian McCurtis of Irvine, according to Network Solutions, may have chosen to point the domain there without Disney’s knowledge. But Disney could, as a good Internet citizen, forward those requests to the real Butterfly site, or could put up an error page;

For the record, “The Butterfly Effect’s” site is at http://www.butterflyeffectmovie.com/, and the main Web address for “Teacher’s Pet” is http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/teacherspet/main.html

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