Emmys test online voting for first time

Interactive org to view entries at home, narrow field

The Emmys are becoming the first major American awards show to start offering online voting, albeit in a limited form.

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has sanctioned online voting for its interactive television Emmy and is pegging it as a test run for a system that may be expanded to the rest of its awards.

“The technology is here, and it is only fitting that the Interactive Media Peer Group sets the precedent for online voting with this particular Emmy Award,” said Academy chairman Dick Askin. “We hope it is a process that will be extended in the future to other Emmy Award categories.”

Members of the Interactive Media Peer Group will view entries at home and then vote online to narrow the field of entries. Final selection for the juried award will then be made by a blue ribbon panel, which can choose to present an interactive Emmy to one, multipleor no entries.

Although no other major American awards show uses online voting, the British Academy Film Awards began Internet balloting this past year.