SBS6 faces suit by Dutch royalty

News program sued over use of stolen video footage

AMSTERDAM — SBS6, one of three SBS Broadcasting channels in Holland, faces court action from the Dutch royal family for airing stolen video footage.

The footage was on Princess Maxima’s camera that was stolen during a trip to her birthplace of Argentina and later put on the Internet.

It shows the princess singing to her baby Amalia, with husband Prince Willem-Alexander in the background.

The royal couple’s solicitors warned the media that they would take legal action if shots were published.

However, SBS6’s “Shownews” included a brief screen grab of the vid on May 13.

SBS spokesman Erik Dekker said press freedom was at stake, adding “We are a news broadcaster. The news is that a camera from Princess Maxima was stolen and that the image was on the Internet for everyone to see. We supported that news by training our monitors on the Internet footage for nine seconds.”

Other broadcasters and print media are watching the case keenly.