Willis sues over f/x mishap

Seeks damages for 'substantial' injuries

Bruce Willis has filed a lawsuit accusing Revolution Studios and “Tears of the Sun” special effects foreman Joe Pancake of negligence and “ultrahazardous activity” and is asking for unspecified damages in connection with a facial injury the thesp suffered during shooting of the war drama.

Complaint alleges Willis was hurt during filming of a firefight sequence in October 2002 when a ground squib, intended to simulate a bullet impact, launched a projectile that struck him in the face.

As a result, he has suffered “substantial injuries” as well as “extreme mental, physical and emotional pain and suffering.”

Suit also alleges Willis has already incurred significant medical expenses and will have more medical expenses in the future.

Complaint, which was posted online Monday at TheSmokingGun.com, was filed Oct. 20 in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Sources told Daily Variety that Willis has a bump on his forehead as a result of the impact and that the bump has not healed, instead growing larger over the ensuing two years.

The suit asks for court costs, “exemplary and punitive damages” and “other and further relief as the court may deem to be just and proper.”

Such a suit by a movie star against a studio is a rarity in the pic biz.Lawyers for Revolution and Willis did not return calls. A Revolution spokesman said the company does not comment on pending litigation.