Sony Music calls Audible in fight vs. music piracy

First major entertainment co. signs on for CopySense

Sony Music has signed a deal with antipiracy tech company Audible Magic to register its entire catalog so that it may be blocked for trading on peer-to-peer networks.

Deal potentially benefits both sides and thus no money was exchanged.

Agreement is the first Audible Magic has signed with a major entertainment company for its CopySense application, which lets clients block the trading of legitimate and adult content on their networks.

CopySense uses textual clues to block pornography and some pirated content. By working directly with Audible Magic, Sony is able to ensure that its entire catalog, including pre-release tracks, will be included.

“We’re including their entire library, but the biggest benefit is pre-releases,” noted Audible Magic CEO Vance Ikezoye. “That’s where the industry loses the most on piracy.”

Audible Magic sells CopySense to businesses and schools looking to reduce network traffic and their liability stemming from trading of pirated content on their networks.

Companies will attempt to sell CopySense to universities that sign up for Campus Action Network, a new service Sony is pushing to universities that allows them to provide legal digital music to students. Twenty-five schools are reportedly in talks to sign up.

As part of the deal, Sony is also registering its content with Audible Magic’s RepliCheck, which helps prevent physical piracy at plants that purchase the software. Universal Music is also a part of that service.