Let ‘9/11’ be seen

Variety editorial

The intrigues surrounding “Fahrenheit 9/11” continue to defy precedent. Having won Cannes’ Palme d’Or, the Michael Moore documentary still seems caught in limbo, without a release date or even a distributor.

Disney was certainly within its constitutional rights in barring Miramax from releasing the film, though the pic seems destined to earn a healthy profit. The two Miramax chieftains, Harvey and Bob Weinstein, are attempting to secure the rights to the film so they can arrange other distribution, but, despite denials from Disney, the process seems to have hit a snag.

Moore, who clearly relishes the attention all this has created, urgently wants his film to get an early release. He’s convinced it will swing anti-Bush votes, and he may well be right.

With the controversy attracting this much public attention, it would seem in everyone’s best interest to put aside bureaucratic bickering and expedite the dealmaking machinery. Like it or not, “Fahrenheit 9/11” deserves to reach its audience.