Rewriting reality

Letter to the editor

To the Editor:

There is likely to be a problem when the media, actors or some other group catches on to the fact that so-called reality TV has nothing to do with reality — and is simply a ploy for producers not to pay SAG, AFTRA, and WGA rates for their TV content.

It’s pretty obvious when we have competitive reenactments of the kidnapping of children being billed as reality when it is so clearly pushing the boundaries of action drama. The only difference is that the contestants are not acting so much as “doing improv.” which, last I checked, was considered acting.

As a producer in development on a number of projects, it is easy to see how tempting reality is from a financial perspective, but also being a writer and an actor, I must admit that I am very much against the cheap and easy push-back that reality has been in the wake of the strikes and strike threats from a few short years ago.

If it is going to be called reality, then shouldn’t it have some basis in real, everyday life? If it is going to be so heavily fictionalized and dramatized, then shouldn’t it be called fiction or drama and treated as such?

Not to mention that these non-union reality gameshows are actually hiring writers as well to spice up the shows –because, hey, reality is so much more marketable when it has been properly scripted.

There is likely to be a shake-up in the creative world before long and it too will be entertaining reality to watch. Oh, right…they call that “news.”

David Krae,
Aquila Media Pictures