Phenomenal voices

Letter to the editor

To the Editor:

RE: Michael Schneider’s “Oh no, here they d’oh!!! again”

Comparing the time that it takes a voice actor to complete a job to those who do acting on-camera is short sighted and somewhat uninformed. What Schneider may not realize is that the chemistry developed among the central cast of The Simpsons is unique. That they can get results in a day is testament to their skills; the script and fine voice direction.

That the cast of Friends now garners million dollar paychecks weekly says that their unique abilities were valuable to NBC. That A list actors collect multimillions of dollars for feature films has less to do with the hours they spend on the set than the fact that their skills and celebrity bring the producers huge profits.

The Simpsons is a television phenomenon that has proven itself for fifteen years. To adequately compensate these amazing actors in an appreciative way vis a vis the income that Fox receives is only fair.