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Web looking at JFK killing

'Reopened' docu hopes to explore missing audio

Conspiracy buffs fervently believe there was a conspiracy spreading well beyond Lee Harvey Oswald to kill President John F. Kennedy, and Court TV is petitioning the government to release an audio recording that might give evidence of a second gunman.

Court TV has commissioned “The Assassination of John F. Kennedy: Investigation Reopened,” a documentary dealing with the circumstances surrounding the murder of the president, which Henry Schleiff, chairman and CEO of Court TV, calls “one of our nation’s greatest unsolved mysteries.”

The audio recording came about accidentally when the radio on a police motorcycle at the scene remained on. Five months ago, Court TV requested a copy of the dictabelt from the National Archives.

“But there was clearly a void on the tape” that Court TV received, Schleiff said. The void stretched from three minutes before the assassination and three minutes after, and Schleiff is convinced that the missing audio is no accident.

What he wants is to get a copy of the complete recording so that independent forensic experts hired by Court TV, using the most advanced acoustical techniques, can go over the crucial six minutes and pinpoint whether another rifle shot was fired.

Court TV has made the request under the Freedom of Information Act and expects an answer well before Nov. 19, the date Court TV has tentatively scheduled for the documentary.

The docu will run under the umbrella of Court TV’s highest-rated series “Forensic Files.” Medstar TV is the producer. The executive producer is Paul Dowling and the producer Michael Joseloff. For Court TV, the executive producer is Ed Hersh, who’s senior VP of documentaries and specials for the network.