BERLIN — Haim Saban didn’t waste any time signaling changes to Teutonic TV a day after wrapping up the purchase of ProSiebenSat 1, Germany’s biggest broadcasting group.

The Israeli-American billionaire did not hide his distaste for German and European coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, calling it extremely one-sided.

And he condemned Germany’s powerful pubcasters for using advertising to augment their financing through mandatory license fees.

“There’s something I don’t understand,” Saban said in an interview Sunday with Welt am Sonntag paper. “How can public broadcasters, which receive millions and millions of euros in license fees, still have the right to air commercials and take away 400 million-500 million euros ($454 million-$568 million) from commercial broadcasters, which only finance themselves through advertising?”

He said he would suggest to pubcasters ARD and ZDF that they give up advertising and in return commercial channels would air educational children’s fare, for which the pubcasters are responsible.

Stressing that he would stay out of German politics, Saban sent a clear message to his new broadcasting group that coverage of Israel must be balanced.

“Generally in Europe — and I am not referring to a specific broadcaster — coverage of the Israeli-Arab conflict is one-sided. I tell my people that I don’t have any plans to interfere journalistically. But they have to remain balanced. They have to present both sides. That is what viewers want. Beyond that, I will completely keep out of Germany’s political scene.”

An official at ProSiebenSat 1 news web N24 said the channel did not consider Saban’s comment to mean that its coverage was unfairly biased.

Commenting on Germany’s economic woes, Saban said: “The advertising market is shrinking and there’s unemployment. But does any sane person really believe that Germany will experience a crisis like the one Japan is going through or that it will continue for another 10 years? I’ll say to you, any time is a good time to invest in Germany.”

Saban added that he would seek to strengthen ProSiebenSat 1’s ties to Hollywood and expand its home entertainment and merchandising business.