Rosenthal covers pay for ‘Raymond’ crew

Producer picks up salary tab after cancelled taping

HOLLYWOOD — When a salary scuffle shut down production of “Everybody Loves Raymond” two weeks ago, the war over wages came close to causing some collateral damage to the show’s production crew.

Insurance covered a big chunk of the coin lost when the taping of the CBS show’s eighth season premiere was scrapped. But about 45 members of the crew stood to lose $80,000 in weekly wages that weren’t covered, according to one production insider.

The crew members still got paid, however. That’s because “Raymond” exec producer Phil Rosenthal decided to write an $80,000 check to make up for what insurance didn’t cover.

A rep for Rosenthal confirmed the producer’s act, but declined further comment.

Rosenthal, along with series star Ray Romano and other producers, may have to dig into their pockets again. As all the parties involved in the “Raymond” coin conflict speed toward a potential resolution, most industry insiders believe all of the show’s profit participants could decide to give up a tiny portion of their backend profits in order to satisfy the salary concerns of Romano’s co-stars.