Org chair Baudis calls for police probe

Lawyer calls killer's accusations false

PARIS — Gallic TV watchdog topper Dominique Baudis has demanded a police probe after he was allegedly implicated in the murder of a transvestite prostitute by the French serial killer Patrice Alegre.

Alegre told a judge Friday night that he murdered the prostitute, Claude Martinez, on the orders of two Toulouse politicians. Their names were not disclosed.

But Sunday night Baudis’ lawyer Francis Szpiner said that Baudis — the head of the Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA) and ex-mayor of Toulouse — had been falsely accused by Alegre of being “involved in the organization of an assassination.”

“We can not accept that the honor of a man be put in question by the words of a serial killer,” said Szpiner.

Szpiner said that a formal investigation would allow Baudis to look at the file and determine who was behind the machinations against him.

Szpiner’s press conference came just hours after Karl Zero, host of Canal Plus’ investigative program “Vrai Journal,” read a letter to him from Alegre.

“I’m speaking today [because] I have noted that numerous so-called lily-white personalities have expressed themselves at length, claiming their innocence,” the letter read. “I do not agree with them and I can not imagine that justice should be smothered because the people implicated in these affairs are people of power.”

Alegre said that he had killed Martinez because the prostitute had filmed sadomasochistic parties arranged by the serial killer and then threatened to blackmail the high-ranking participants. “I was ordered to get back the tapes and shut him up, which I did,” Alegre said in the letter.

Last week Baudis denied two prostitutes’ allegations that he had taken part in Alegre’s sadomasochistic parties between 1989 and 1997. Baudis said that the accusations were part of a smear campaign organized by the porn industry to discredit his fight against pornography on television.