Inside Move: Exex switching channels

Bravo employees waiting in wings for AMC slots

It was a puzzle at the time: Many top execs at Bravo, which reaches 71-million homes, didn’t seek other jobs when NBC bought Bravo last November and installed its own people under new prexy Jeff Gaspin.

Instead, these execs stayed on to run Bravo’s tiny sister network IFC, which reaches only a fraction of the Bravo subscriber base.

But when IFC’s parent company Cablevision fired 14 top execs at AMC and WE: Women’s Entertainment last week due to accounting irregularities, things started getting a lot clearer.

Cablevision was quietly investigating the AMC and WE execs late last year, giving rise to speculation that IFC staffers could’ve picked up hints that they’d find some fresh opportunities for advancement.

Industry observers expect that many of the IFC execs, underemployed in their current jobs, will move over to AMC (available in 84 million homes) and WE (52 million homes) to replace the fired staffers.

Early scuttlebutt centers on the following:

  • Kathleen Dore, president of IFC, could well take over as president of AMC Networks for the ousted Kate McEnroe.

  • Ed Carroll, exec VP and GM of IFC, would be a logical replacement for Noreen O’Loughlin as exec VP and GM of AMC.

  • Gregg Hill, exec VP of affiliate sales and marketing for IFC, could succeed Melani Griffith, senior VP of affiliate sales and marketing for AMC and WE.

  • Caroline Bock, senior VP of marketing for IFC, would be able to step into the role of senior VP of marketing for AMC, the post vacated by Isabel Miller.