‘Idol’ creator pitches epic quiz

Fuller offers 'People's Quiz' to ITV, BBC

LONDON –- “Pop Idol” creator Simon Fuller is touting a new interactive gameshow “The People’s Quiz,” in which up to a million contestants will pay £1 ($1.56) to compete via the telephone to win a cash prize worth up to $1 million.

Half of the players will be eliminated after the first question, with the remainder whittled down during the first show until only 10 or 20 are left. The quiz will run until a winner is found. Fuller’s 19 Television is toying with the idea of filming contestants in their homes rather than based in a studio.

Company is pitching show as an “event TV experience” and has held talks with pubcaster the BBC and commercial web, ITV, which currently broadcasts “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” Company is selling the concept to the U.K. first rather than the U.S. as phone technology is more advanced in Blighty.