BERLIN — Rainer Huether, sales and marketing chief at license trader EM.TV, has been appointed managing director of sports web DSF.

EM.TV is set to join DSF’s new owners, retail giant KarstadtQuelle and Swiss sports entrepreneur Hans-Dieter Cleven, who acquired the web from the insolvent Kirch Media last month.

Huether, who served as managing director at DSF from 1996 to 2000, will retain his post at EM.TV. The group is looking to expand its sports marketing business and Huether’s appointment is in line with the company’s desire to utilize the web towards that aim. At EM.TV, Huether is currently responsible for marketing, content, TV sales, merchandising and business development.

EM.TV chairman Werner Klatten said Huether had made “a huge contribution” to EM.TV’s restructuring process and “to the stabilization and revival of the core business, as well as the expansion of EM.TV’s operations into the sports sector. His widely recognized know-how in the management and marketing of a sports broadcaster make him the ideal choice for the top job at DSF. At the same time, he will continue to have significant influence on the development of sports marketing as the second core segment of EM.TV’s business activities.”

The KarstadtQuelle consortium edged out U.S. billionaire Haim Saban in the €20 million ($23 million) acquisition of DSF. KarstadtQuelle is Germany’s leading seller of sports goods and Cleven owns Swiss-German sporting goods manufacturer Voelkl. Like EM.TV, they plan to leverage merchandising and marketing potential from the channel, which reaches 30 million households.