Cablers get set to slug it out for auds

World Brief

HONG KONG — Cable TV operator i-Cable will face new competition when telecommunications and broadband supplier City Telecom soft-launches its pay TV service this month.

Feevee will offer at least 10 channels, including one self-produced 24-hour news net. Company says it has capacity for up to 200 channels and will unveil other packages next year. Initial package is aimed at budget-conscious subscribers. The planned monthly fee of less than $13 is far cheaper than the $38 i-Cable charges for access to its 60 channels.

City Telecom’s infrastructure investment is minimal compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars i-Cable had to spend laying cables. City Telecom’s service will be delivered using the same platform and network it already has in place for its Internet services. That will also give it an advantage over Galaxy, a pay TV service set to launch in November with the backing of Hong Kong’s dominant broadcaster Television Broadcasts.