Artear prescribes ‘E-24’

12 cameras will be used to keep up with E.R. doctors

BUENOS AIRES — Argentina’s second-ranked TV broadcaster, Artear-Canal 13, is preparing to air “E-24,” a docu-reality show that follows doctors and patients in an emergency ward.

Program will cover real medical cases, from surgery to consultations, and routine field calls. More than a dozen cameras — fixed and portable — will keep up with the action.

Artear, a unit of local media conglom Grupo Clarin, will run the weekly program at 11 p.m. Mondays beginning Sept. 1. It will compete against highly rated variety program “El show de videomatch” on top-ranked Telefe, psychiatric hospital-based drama “Sol negro” (Black Sun) on fourth-ranked America TV and a talkshow on third-rated Canal 9.

Cuatro Cabezas, a local production house run by Diego Guebel and Mario Pergolini, is producing the 13-hour program.

The production company has experience with reality formats, having already pumped out talent contests for supermodels and soccer players. The latter, “El camino a la gloria” (The Road to Glory), has been exported to Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Ecuador’s Canal Uno and Romania’s TVR are preparing to air the format.