The six broadcast nets are putting the finishing touches on their drama pilot pickups for the 2003-04 season. A few projects are still vying for a greenlight, but with the majority of hours ordered, it’s clear the webs have two things on their minds — law and order — as crime-themed skeins dominate.


Project Exec Producers Studio Logline
10-8 Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent, Jorge


Spelling/ Touchstone Rookie cops in L.A. sheriff’s dept.
111 Gramercy Park Bob Brush, Eric and Kim Tannenbaum WB “Upstairs/Downstairs” redux in Gotham
Alaska (a.k.a The Circle) John August Touchstone Alaska state trooper investigates crime

The D.A. James Duff, Greer Shephard, Michael Robin WB/Shephard-Robin L.A. District Attorney’s office gets mercurial


The Flannerys K. Falls, P. O’Fallon, M. Tollin, B. Robbins,

J. Davola

WB/Tollin- Robbins Irish family helps father set up storefront

law firm

The Partners Kerry Ehrin, Nena Rodrigue Touchstone Pair of female undercover cops
Karen Sisco J. Smilovic, J. Landgraf, D. DeVito, S.

Sher, M. Shamberg, S. Frank

Jersey/U Based on J. Lo’s character in “Out of Sight”
The Street Lawyer David Levien, Brian Koppelman, John Grisham,

David Gernert

Touchstone Based on John Grisham’s novel
Then Came Jones Chris Brancato, Bert Salke Touchstone Moral man runs brothel in 1899 El Paso
Threat Matrix Daniel Voll, Emile Levisetti, Michael Edelstein,

Keith Addis

Touchstone/ Industry Task force takes on terrorists
Untitled hotel drama Armyan Bernstein WB Life in a luxury hotel
Untitled FBI drama Rod Lurie, Marc Frydman

Touchstone/ DreamWorks

Tyro agents fight organized crime

Project Exec Producers Studio Logline
Battle Creek Vince Gilligan, Mark Johnson Sony FBI agent, cop spar in Battle Creek, Mich.
Cold Cases Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Meredith


Bruckheimer/ WB /CBS Drama about female topper of Philly’s cold

case squad

Criminology 101 Nell Scovell, Roger Birnbaum, Bery Berber,

Meghan Wolpert

20th/Spyglass Duo of femme criminology students solve


Expert Witness Hart Hanson, Keith Ablow 20th/Firm Procedural drama about forensic psychologist
JAG spinoff Don Bellisario, Don McGill Par Navy criminal investigation
Century City Paul Attanasio, Ed Zuckerman, Katie Jacobs U Drama about futuristic legal system
Street Boss Christopher Haddock Viacom Drama about man who trains undercover cops
Untitled Danny Glover project J. Wirth, W. Mosley, K. Sullivan, A. Rifkin CBS/U Glover as Oakland cop who becomes a private


The Brotherhood of Poland, N.H. David E. Kelley, Michael Pressman 20th Trio of brothers live in a small town
Violent Crime Samantha Corbin U Femme detective duo in Boston

Project Exec Producers Studio Logline
The Break John Stockwell, David Nevins, Brian Grazer 20th/Imagine Father returns to Hawaii, forms elite unit

of cops

No Place Like Home Christopher Keyser, Amy Lippman Sony Two teens get married, try to start perfect


NYPD 2069 Steven Bochco, Nicholas Wootton, Matthew


Par/Bochco Cop gets cryo’d, wakes up in 2069
The O.C. Josh Schwartz, McG WB ‘Bev Hills 90210’ in Orange County
Skin Jim Leonard, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan


WB/ Bruckheimer ‘Romeo & Juliet’ meets ‘Boogie Nights’
Splitsville Abby Kohn, Marc Silverstein 20th Couple writes advice column post break-up
Still Life K. Koenig, N. Moritz, M. Adelstein, D.


20th/Original Spiritual drama from dead son’s p.o.v.
Untitled femme project Bryan Fuller, Todd Holland 20th/Regency ‘Amelie’ meets ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’
Untitled grad student project J. Feldman, R. Cohen, N. Moritz, M. Adelstein,

D. Parouse

20th/Original Grad student discovers she can relive any

given day


Project Exec Producers Studio Logline
Casino Eye D. Johnson, S. Steindorff, G.S. Thompson,

J. Falvey, D. Frank

NBC/ DreamWorks Life of a surveillance expert in Las Vegas
EDNY Anthony Drazan NBC Billy Baldwin-toplined legal drama
Future Tense Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Joel Silver WB/NBC/ Silver Pictures High tech law enforcement unit
Homeland Security Christopher Crowe, Kerry McCluggage Par Gov’t agency fights terrorism
HUB Mark Gordon, Nick Thiel NBC Lives intertwine at an international airport
Lyon’s Den Remi Aubuchon, Brad Grey, Bernie Brillstein 20th/Brad Grey Rob Lowe stars in ensemble legal drama
Miss Match Darren Star, Jeff Rake, David Nevins, Brian


20th/Imagine Alicia Silverstone as attorney/matchmaker
Sunset Division Tim Kring NBC Jerry O’Connell stars in “Crossing Jordan”



Project Exec Producers Studio Logline
Chasing Alice Susanne Daniels, Scott Lobdell WB/First Move “Alice in Wonderland” tale of a P.I. searching

for sister

Dicks Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg, Stacey

Sher, John Landgraf

Sony/Jersey Zach Helm-scribed tale about friends becoming


Fearless Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, Jeremy


WB/ Bruckheimer V. Ngo, E. Charnov’s tail of FBI femme

without a fear gene

Gilmore Girls spinoff Amy Sherman-Palladino WB Milo Ventimiglia’s character moves in with

estranged father

Immediate Family Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent Spelling S.Tolkin writes of woman who adopts sister’s


Jack Thomas Schlamme WB B. Meltzer, S. Cohen’s tale of teen destined

to be prexy

Ravens Mike Tollin, Brian Robbins, Joe Davola WB/Tollin- Robbins M. Schwahn writes of estranged half-brothers

in small town

Shadow Walkers D. Angel, B. Brown, M. Gibson, B. Davey,

G. Coote, J. Hayes

Regency Archaeologists and their kids hunt down


Tarzan Laura Ziskin, David Gerber, David Nutter,

Eric Kripke

WB Contemporary tale of young Tarzan in NY
MacGyver Henry Winkler, John Rich, Stephen Downing Par Sam Baum’s take on MacGyver’s 23-year-old



Project Exec Producers Studio Logline
The Edge Scott Vila, Matthew Carnahan 20th Feds solve crimes on the Mexico border
Hotel Aaron Spelling, E. Duke Vincent, Denise

DiNovi, Cory Tynan

Spelling Remake of series that focuses on Miami

hotel dwellers

Kamelot Wes Craven, Ron Milbauer, Terri Hughes Miramax King Arthur resurrected as futuristic hipster
Newton Joel Silver, Craig Silverstein WB/Silver Pictures One family’s take on techie suburban life
Vegas Dick Rich Wilkes, Neil Moritz, Marty Adelstein,

Dawn Parouse

20th/Original Con man tries to go straight by solving

casino crimes

Weapon X Gina Matthews, Grant Scharbo, Silvio Horta Viacom NSA agent gets injected with computer chips