Based on the premise of a middle-aged federal marshal teamed with a former Pinkerton agent and a “wagonload of forensic equipment,” USA Networks’ “Peacemakers” might seem like “CSI” goes Western.

Writer-exec producer Rick Ramage says the series, which premieres July 30, goes beyond that stereotype.

“When I hear that I kind of cringe because we feel like the show has so many other things to offer,” he says.

Among “Peacemakers’ ” chief attributes are its star, Tom Berenger, best known for his roles in “Platoon” and “Major League,” who is cast as Marshal Jared Stone. Peter O’Meara plays Larimer Finch, an uppity deputy from Chicago with a degree from Yale.

“Peacemakers” will have its share of gadgetry, although it will come with a twist. The show is set in 1882, at the dawn of the industrial age and crime investigation tools such as fingerprinting and photography are just coming into play.

For Berenger, who considers himself a history buff, the setting provides some interesting fodder.

“They’ve got the telephone, but there are only three of them in town, so how much can you really use it?” he asks.