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Time shift a ‘slap in the face’

ATAS prexy-CEO Leavitt says he's gotten angry responses

Apparently all Emmy awards aren’t created equally.

The Academy of TV Arts and Sciences’ decision to shorten the event by “transferring 15 awards to a separate same-day event to be held during a pre-show at the Shrine Auditorium,” as ATAS veep John Leverence wrote in a letter to nominees, has raised a howl of protests.

“This is similar to the procedure used at the Grammy and Tony awards,” Leverenc says. “An independently supervised lottery was held to select the categories.”

Not surprisingly, those who’ve been selected to sit at the kiddie table aren’t happy about the move.

“I am disgusted by the history of the Board of Governors’ lack of respect for our creativity and technical achievements,” complained Simon Holden, a founding member of the Visual Effects Society and a member of ATAS in a letter to Daily Variety Aug. 6.

“This latest slap in the face of some of the hardest-working people in the industry is unlikely to be ignored.”

“Why do we have to suffer so that the rest of the attendees can sit through a slightly shorter ceremony?” a nominee told Leverence.

“The result is that we will not be in attendance of the main ceremony to be recognized along with our peers in the other creative fields. ”

ATAS prexy-chief operating officer Todd Leavitt admits he’s received numerous angry emails and letters.

“It’s not the most elegant solution,” he concedes. “But in a democracy … everyone has to share a little of the pain.”