Road to the Emmys: Comedy Actress


Series: “Friends”

Seasons on show: 9

Emmy pedigree: Won last year.

Episode submitted: “The One Where Monica Sings”

2002-03 shining moment: Singing Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” to her newborn, complete with hand gestures and booty-shakin’.

Pro: Last year’s win and a budding film career give her instant cachet. And she’s the best looking mother on TV.

Con: “Friends” buzz may be wearing thin.

Quotable: “Someone is watching out for me, or something. I wish I could say that I had all these options mapped out and that I made these smart choices. But I was really just lucky.”


Series: “Everybody Loves Raymond”

Seasons on show: 7

Emmy pedigree: Two wins; four noms

Episode submitted: “Baggage”

2002-03 shining moment: Waging a war of wills with Raymond over who would carry the vacation luggage upstairs.

Pro: Like all “Raymond” noms, she has an excellent record with voters.

Con: This year’s storyline focused more on Brad Garrett’s wedding.

Quotable: “It’s all believable. … All families are dysfunctional to some extent. In that way, it reflects my family. Not myself, of course, but other members of my family are highly dysfunctional!”


Series: “Malcolm in the Middle”

Seasons on show: 3

Emmy pedigree: Three-time nominee

Episode submitted: “Baby Part 1 and 2”

2002-03 shining moment: Running the household while in labor with the newest “Malcolm” offspring.

Pro: After going 0-for-3, voters might, deservedly, throw her some Emmy love.

Con: “Malcolm’s” better days have passed.

Quotable: “I think there’s an honesty about the family on this show that a lot of people who really love the show relate to. I think it has to do with the incredible chaos and the lack of means, the dishevelment of the house, and yet this incredible bond and love between these people.”


Series: “Will & Grace”

Seasons on show: 4

Emmy pedigree: Three noms

Episode submitted: “The Kid Stays Out of the Picture”

2002-03 shining moment: Visiting Jack’s acting class for tips on making a seduction video for her hubby.

Pro: Some have pegged her as a Lucy-like lead,

and she’s the only ensemble member who hasn’t won.

Con: Her on-screen marriage to Harry Connick Jr. never really paid off for viewers.

Quotable: “I know people who came to L.A., made money, paid off debts and started celebrating their financial freedom. And then the TV show stopped. And they’re back on unemployment. Had they been a little more realistic, they wouldn’t know what they don’t have anymore. None of it lasts.”


Series: “Sex and the City”

Seasons on show: 5

Emmy pedigree: Four previous nominations

Episode submitted: “Anchors Away”

2002-03 shining moment: Heading to San Francisco for a randy romp with Mr. Big.

Pro: Never having won, it might be time to acknowledge that she’s the anchor of this popular series.

Con: Is there a more finicky female character on TV when it comes to choosing a mate?

Quotable: “The only time I ponder the good fortune that we’ve experienced is when interviewers ask what the ingredients are. I think it is just really good fortune, really good writing, and smart producing.”