Daytime Emmys honor talent

New gabbers grab fistful of nominations

See nomineesThis article was corrected at 5 p.m.

Rosie O’Donnell’s exit from the daytime scene turned out to be good news for frosh gabfests Wednesday, as Daytime Emmy voters handed out noms to a trio of fresh faces.

ABC squeaked by CBS to lead the overall balloting, but the more interesting news came in the talk categories. Newcomers Dr. Phil McGraw, Wayne Brady and Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway of Soapnet’s “Soap Talk” all made it onto the nomination roster this year. They join Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa of “Live,” and the five hosts of the “The View” (including Lisa Ling, who left the show in early December.)

Each nominated host saw their yakkers recognized in the talk show category: “Dr. Phil,” “Live With Regis and Kelly,” “Soap Talk,” “The View” and “The Wayne Brady Show.”

Meanwhile, a technical snafu meant ABC ended Wednesday with less noms than it had when this year’s Emmy contenders were announced in the morning.

Toon “Kim Possible” — originally listed under ABC and nominated for special class animation and sound editing — was ruled ineligible, and was eventually removed from contention at the request of Disney. Original episodes of “Kim” air on Disney in primetime before being repeated as part of ABC’s Saturday morning lineup. Eligibility period requires shows to air between 2 a.m. and 6 p.m., thus disqualifying “Kim.”

57 noms for ABC

In the end, ABC still earned 57 noms from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Rounding out the top three nets, CBS finished in second with 52 noms, and PBS sits in third with 47, 13 of which belong to “Sesame Street.” While NBC has seen its daytime ratings surge over the past two years, Emmy voters didn’t seem to care: Net had just 16 noms, most in technical categories.

Long running ABC sudser “All My Children” was the multiple nomination leader with 17, besting closest competitor “Guiding Light,” which earned 14; “AMC,” though, didn’t snag a nom for best drama or lead actor or actress.

In an upset, ABC’s “Port Charles” snagged its first-ever nom for best drama. It’ll compete against the CBS trio of “As the World Turns,” “The Bold and the Beautiful” and “The Young and the Restless.” Meredith Viera also didn’t snag a nom for hosting the new syndie version of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” (though Emmy voters did single out Donny Osmond in his first year as frontman for the syndie revival of “Pyramid.”)

Lucci misses out

Also absent: Susan Lucci, who didn’t snag a nom in the drama series lead actress category. Lucci, who was also overlooked in 2000, had become the perennial hopeful in the category, with one win in 21 tries. Instead, org went with Susan Flannery of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” Nancy Lee Grahn of “General Hospital,” Guiding Light’s Kim Zimmer, Eileen Davidson on the “The Young and the Restless” and her colleague Michelle Stafford, also of “Y&R.”

And despite her financial woes, lifestyle diva Martha Stewart wasn’t forgotten by the Academy. Strip “Martha Stewart Living” received six nods, including service show and service show host.

Lifetime achievement award will be handed to “Kids Say the Darndest Things” host, Art Linkletter, already a two-time winner.

Now in its 30th year, the annual kudofest will take place May 16 at Radio City Music Hall. Show will be broadcast live (except for in the West) on ABC. Separate creative craft award ceremony will take place on May 10 in both New York and Los Angeles.

And the nominees are . . .

“As the World Turns” — Christopher Goutman, exec producer; Carole Shure, senior producer; Vivian Gundaker, producer; Kelsey Bay, coordinating producer (CBS)
“The Bold and the Beautiful” — Bradley Bell, exec producer; Rhonda Friedman, supervising producer; Ron Weaver, senior producer; Cynthia J. Popp, producer (CBS)
“Port Charles” — Julie Hanan Carruthers, exec producer; Hope Harmel Smith, producer; Mercer B. Barrows Jr., coordinating producer (ABC)
“The Young and the Restless” — William J. Bell Sr., senior exec producer; David Shaughnessy, exec producer; Kathryn Foster, Nancy Bradley Wiard, producers (CBS)

Susan Flannery — “The Bold and the Beautiful”
Nancy Lee Grahn
— “General Hospital” (ABC)
Kim Zimmer
— “Guiding Light” (CBS)
Eileen Davidson — “
The Young and the Restless”
Michelle Stafford — “The Young and the Restless”

Maurice Benard — “General Hospital”
Anthony Geary
— “General Hospital”
Ricky Paull Goldin — “
Guiding Light”
Grant Aleksander
— “Guiding Light”
Thorsten Kaye
— “Port Charles”
Doug Davidson
— “The Young and the Restless”

Supporting Actress
Rebecca Budig — “All My Children” (ABC)
Cady McClain — “As the World Turns”
Vanessa Marcil — “General Hospital”
Robin Christopher — “General Hospital”
Linda Dano — “One Life to Live” (ABC)
Kelly Monaco — “Port Charles”

Supporting Actor
Josh Duhamel — “All My Children”
Benjamin Hendrickson — “As the World Turns”
Paul Anthony Stewart — “Guiding Light”
Ron Raines — “Guiding Light”
Christian LeBlanc — “The Young and the Restless”

Younger Actress
Adrienne Frantz — “The Bold and the Beautiful”
Jennifer Finnigan — “The Bold and the Beautiful”
Alicia Leigh Willis — “General Hospital”
Lindsey McKeon — “Guiding Light”
Erin Hershey — “Port Charles”

Younger Actor
Aiden Turner — “All My Children”
Kyle Lowder — “Days of Our Lives” (NBC)
Chad Brannon — “General Hospital”
Jordi Vilasuso — “General Hospital”
David Lago — “The Young and the Restless”

Game/Audience Participation Show
“Hollywood Squares” — Henry Winkler, Michael Levitt, exec producers; Stephen Radosh, supervising producer; Jay Redack, senior producer; Claudia Cagan, co-producer; Casey Patterson, producer (syn)
“Jeopardy!” — Harry Friedman, exec producer; Lisa Finneran, Rocky Schmidt, Gary Johnson, senior producers (syn)
“The Price Is Right” — Bob Barker, exec producer; Roger Dobkowitz, Phil Rossi, producers (CBS)
“Wheel of Fortune” — Harry Friedman, exec producer; Karen Griffith, Steve Schwartz, senior producers (syn)
“Win Ben Stein’s Money” — Andrew Golder, Al Burton, Byron Glore, exec producers; Terrence McDonnell, co-exec producer; Meredith Fox, supervising producer (Comedy Central)

Gameshow Host
Tom Bergeron — “Hollywood Squares”
Alex Trebek — “Jeopardy!”
Bob Barker — “The Price Is Right”
Donny Osmond — “Pyramid” (syn)
Pat Sajak — “Wheel of Fortune”
Ben Stein, Sal Iacono — “Win Ben Stein’s Money”

Preschool Children’s Series
“Bear in the Big Blue House” — Mitchell Kriegman, Alex Rockwell, exec producers; Erica Levin, Andy Yerkes, producers; Deborah Meyer, line producer; James Sabatini, coordinating producer; P. Kevin Strader, Claudia Silver, co-producers (Disney Channel)
“Blue’s Clues” — Traci Paige Johnson, Angela Santomero, Jennifer Twomey Perello, exec producers; Wendy Harris, supervising producer; Marcy Pritchard Shablak, line producer (Nickelodeon)
“Sesame Street” — Michael Loman, exec producer; Arlene Sherman, Kevin Clash, co-exec producers; Melissa Dino, Carol-Lynn Parente, producers; Karen Ialacci, line producer (PBS)

Children’s Series
“Assignment Discovery” — Edward DeLeon, Helen Holt, exec producers; Jonathan Lawhead, supervising producer; Mary Stephens, senior producer (Discovery)
“Between the Lions” — Judith Stoia, Christopher Cerf, Norman Stiles, exec producers; Carol Klein, supervising producer; Michele McDonough, coordinating producer (PBS)
“Even Stevens” — David Brookwell, Sean McNamara, Marc Warren, Dennis Rinsler, exec producers; Tom Burkhard, co-exec producer; David Grace, supervising producer; Stacey Kosier Box, line producer; Matt Dearborn, consulting producer (Disney Channel)
“Reading Rainbow” — Twila Liggett, LeVar Burton, exec producers; Orly Wiseman, Nicole Silver, Elizabeth O’Mara, Ed Wiseman, Sudie Anning, Nan Schweiger, Don Boswell, Pam Johnson, producers (PBS)
“Zoom” — Kate Taylor, exec producer; Jim Johnston, senior producer; Marisa Wolsky, coordinating producer; Kathleen Shugrue, supervising producer; Paul Serafini, producer (PBS)

Performer In A Children’s Series
Noel MacNeal — “Bear in the Big Blue House”
Shia LaBeouf — “Even Stevens”
Donna Pescow — “Even Stevens”
LeVar Burton — “Reading Rainbow”
Kevin Clash — “Sesame Street”

Children’s Special
“Bang Bang You’re Dead” — William Mastrosimone, Norman Stephens, exec producers; Paul Hellerman, Deboragh Gabler, producers; Keith Thompson, line producer (Showtime)
“Our America” — Jospeh Stern, Angela Bassett, exec producers; Eda Godel Hallinan, producer; Armand Leo, line producer (Showtime)
“Table Talk: Talking Beyond 9/11” — Jane Paley, Larry Price, producers (WAM!)
“Zoom: America’s Kids Remember” — Kate Taylor, exec producer; Jim Johnston, senior producer; Kathleen Shugrue, Paul Serafini, supervising producers; Marcy Gardner Gunther, coordinating producer; Kathy Waugh, producer (PBS)

Performer In A Children’s Special
Ben Foster — “Bang Bang You’re Dead”
Tom Cavanagh
— “Bang Bang You’re Dead”
Bernadette Peters
— “Bobbie’s Girl” (Showtime)
Vanessa Williams — “Our America”
Gregory Hines
— “The Red Sneakers” (Showtime)

Children’s Animated Program
“Arthur” — Carol Greenwald, Andrew Porporino, exec producers; Lesley Taylor, Pierre Valette, Marc Brown, Geoff Adams, producers; Diane Dallaire, line producer; Greg Bailey, producer-director; Debra Toffan, director; Peter K. Hirsch, Dietrich Smith, Peter Egan, Glen Berger, Matthew Lane, writers (PBS)
“Clifford the Big Red Dog” — Deborah Forte, exec producer; Mike Young, co-exec producer; Bill Schultz, Liz Young, supervising producers; Jef Kaminsky, Martha Atwater, producers; John Over, Sue Blu, directors (PBS)
“Dora the Explorer” — Chris Gifford, exec producer-writer; Valerie Walsh, producer-writer; Eric Weiner, producer-head writer; Jeff DeGrandis, supervising producer; Cathy Galeota, coordinating producer; Miken Wong, line producer; George Chialtas, director; Sherie Pollack, director (Nickelodeon)
“Dragon Tales” — Jeff Kline, Nina Elias Bamberger, exec producers; Ron Rodecker, producer; Michael Hack, Gloria Jenkins, directors (PBS)
“Rugrats” — Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo, exec producers; Eryk Casemiro, co-exec producer; Cella Nichols Harris, Jim Duffy, supervising producers; Maureen Iser, Susan Ward, Pernelle Hayes, John Holmquist, producers; Monica Piper, Rick Gitelson, producers-writers; Scott Gray, Barbara Schwartz, writers; Mark Grisley, supervising director; Anthony Bell, Ron Noble, Dave Fontana, Chris Hermans, Michael Mullen, Carol Millican, Jeff Scott, directors (Nickelodeon)

Performer In An Animated Program
John Ritter –“Clifford the Big Red Dog”
Walter Cronkite — “Liberty’s Kids” (PBS)
Ruby Dee — “Little Bill” (Nickelodeon)
Gregory Hines — “Little Bill”
Mindy Cohn — “What’s New Scooby-Doo?” (Kids WB)

“Dr. Phil” — Carla Pennington Stewart, exec producer; Gwynne Thomas, senior producer; Angie Kraus Bell, supervising producer; Kandi Amelon, senior coordinating producer; Dan Dobson, line producer; Chere Graham, Julie Johnson, Julie Ross, Judy Rybak, Edward Santos, Lisa Steinke, Kathy Giaconia, Katerina Monemvassitis, Marsha Armstrong, producers (syn)
“Live With Regis and Kelly” — Regis Philbin, Michael Gelman, exec producers; Kelly Burkhard, Dana Dodge, Cindy MacDonald, Mariann Sabol-Nieves, Joanne Saltzman, Jan Schillay, Delores Spruell-Jackson, Ann-Marie Williams-Gray, Lori Schulweis, John Ogle, Albert Bianchini, Elyssa Shapiro, David Mullen, producers (syn)
“Soap Talk” — Michael Stevens, Ray Giuliani, exec producers; Diane DeMartino, Lisa J. Tatum, supervising producers; Rich De Michele, line producer; Peggy Murphy, Matthew Wright, Kim Hoffman, producers (Soapnet)
“The View” — Bill Geddie, Barbara Walters, exec producers; Alexandra Cohen, supervising producer; Jessica Stedman Guff, senior producer; Patrick Ignozzi, Jakki Taylor, coordinating producers; Jennifer Brookman, Glenn Davish, Dana Goodman, Audrey Jones, Haleigh Safran, Matthew J. Strauss, producers (ABC)
“The Wayne Brady Show” — Bernie Brillstein, Robert Morton, exec producers; Krysia Plonka, John Redmann, supervising producers; KP Anderson, coordinating producer; Danny Breen, Wendy Miller, Lee Farber, Erin Irwin, Maria Notaras, Shane Farley, Josh Gilbert, Michael Carnes, producers (syn)

Talkshow Host
Dr. Phil McGraw — “Dr. Phil”
Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa
— “Live With Regis and Kelly”
Lisa Rinna, Ty Treadway — “Soap Talk”
Barbara Walters, Meredith Vieira, Star Jones, Joy Behar, Lisa Ling — “The View”
Wayne Brady — “The Wayne Brady Show

Service Show
“Ask This Old House” — Russell Morash, exec producer; Bruce Irving, senior producer (PBS)
“The Christopher Lowell Show” — Terri Johnson, Christopher Lowell, Dan Levin, exec producers; Elaine Perkins, supervising producer; Greg Gorden, line producer; Lisa Peganto, coordinating producer; Elayne Sawaya, Ele Sampson, senior producers; Dana Neillie, producer (Discovery)
“Essence of Emeril” — Karen Katz, Emeril Lagasse, exec producers (Food Network)
“Martha Stewart Living” — Martha Stewart, Eve Krzyanowski, exec producers; Carolyn Kelly Wallach, Lisa Wagner, senior producers; Suzanne McGrath, Mara Altschuler, Barbara Fight, Laurie Hepburn, Lenore Welby, Greta Anthony, Jocelyn Santos, Jennifer Pilkington, Ann MacMullan, Elena Ferretti, Mark Ski, Judy Morris, Lee Buttala, producers; AJ Boles, line producer; Al Irizarry, coordinating producer (syn)
“This Old House” — Russell Morash, exec producer; Bruce Irving, senior producer (PBS)

Service Show Host
Christopher Lowell — “The Christopher Lowell Show”
Emeril Lagasse — “Essence of Emeril”
Martha Stewart — “Martha Stewart Living”
Steve Thomas — “This Old House”

Special Class Animated Program
“Disney’s Teacher’s Pet” — Gary Baseman, Bill Steinkellner, Cheri Steinkellner, exec producers; Jess Winfield, co-exec producer; Don MacKinnon, Ennio Torresan Jr., Alfred Gimeno, Julie Morgavi, directors (ABC)
“My Fair Madeline” — Andy Heyward, Mike Maliani, exec producers; Christy Buskirk, coordinating producer; Scott Heming, Marsha Goodman Einstein, directors; Phil Harnage, Shelley Zellman, Eric Lewald, writers (Nickelodeon)
“Ozzy & Drix” — Sander Schwartz, Peter Farrelly, Bobby Farrelly, exec producers; Alan Burnett, producer-writer; Ron Myrick, Bradley Thomas, producers; Ginny McSwain, director; Doug Langdale, Len Uhley, writers (Kids WB)
“Rolie Polie Olie” — William Joyce, Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert, Clive A. Smith, Fabrice Giger, exec producers; Stephen Hodgins, Scott Dyer, Guillaume Hellouin, supervising producers; Pam Lehn, Corinne Kouper, Eric Flaherty, Christophe Archimbault, producers; Mike Fallows, supervising director; Ron Pitts, Bill Giggie, directors; Nadine Van Der Velde, Hugh Duffy, Scott Kraft, Dave Dias, Jennifer Pertsch, writers (Disney Channel)

Special Class Series
“A Baby Story” — Terri Johnson, Neil A. Cohen, Glenda Hersh, Steven Weinstock, exec producers; Nikki Strome Taub, supervising producer; Aisha Wagle, coordinating producer; Lorri Leighton, Liz Naylor, Nikki Strome Taub, producers (TLC)
“Breakfast With the Arts” — Emilio Nunez, Diane Ferenczi, exec producers; John Bence, senior producer; Haewon Yom, Liisa Lunden, Laura Marini, Barbara Moeller, producers; Elliott Forrest, host (A&E)
“Judge Judy” — Randy Douthit, exec producer; Timothy Regler, co-exec producer; Victoria Jenest, supervising producer; Shannon Weber, senior producer; Cybil Jordan, Jonathan Sebastien, Richard Russakoff, Jenifer Faison, Christopher Thomas, Kirk Leins, producers; Judge Judy Sheindlin, host (syn)
“Pop-Up Video” — Woody Thompson, David Ladik, exec producers; Colby Hall, producer (VH1)
“While You Were Out” — Stephen Schwartz, Abigail Harvey, exec producers; Benita Matofska, Phil Eigner, Alyssa Kaufman, Nicole Sorrenti, producers; Teresa Strasser, host (TLC)

Special Class Special
“113th Tournament of Roses Parade” — Arthur Forrest, exec producer; Carol Kahl, supervising producer; Stephanie Prescott, coordinating producer; Tom Patino, line producer; Al Roker, Nancy O’Dell, co-hosts (NBC)
“76th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade” — Brad Lachman, exec producer; Bill Bracken, producer; Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Al Roker, co-hosts (NBC)
“Behind the Scenes at This Old House” — Russell Morash, exec producer; David Vos, producer (PBS)
“Hollywood Rocks the Movies: The 1970s With David Bowie” — Kevin Burns, David Sehring, exec producers; Patty Ivins, producer; David Bowie, host (AMC)
“Opening Ceremony Salt Lake 2002: Paralympic Winter Games” — Joedy Lister, exec producer; Heather Meugniot, coordinating producer; Christopher Laue, producer; Louis Gossett Jr., host (NBC)

Daytime Emmy Nom List Part II