Sundance bows right ‘Side of Bed’

'Perfect end of summer film' unspools

NEW YORK — Sundance Film Series kicked off its lineup last week with “The Other Side of the Bed,” a movie selected as much for its seasonal appeal as its box office prowess in Spain.

“This is the perfect end of the summer film, it’s a trifle, an antidote to the anxiety and fear and loathing we all feel as we head towards fall,” said Sundance Channel prexy and CEO Larry Aidem.

In the bedroom pic, couples covertly swap partners, renew their vows, and then continue on with their cheating ways.

Helmer Emilio Martinez-Lazaro noted the irony in its Stateside distribution, observing, “What is a huge commercial hit in Spain, here is part of an experimental program.”

Sipping star fruit sangria at the after party at the Fifth Avenue Kenneth Cole store were film’s star Natalia Verbeke, from the network, execs Paola Freccero and Kirk Iwanowski and Newmarket prexy Bob Berney .