Students get their closeup

Apted, Begley Jr., Pierson among Academy presenters

Sunday night’s Academy Awards weren’t televised but featured just as many tears, screams and heartfelt expressions of “I’d like to thank the Academy.”

The Academy honored 14 aspiring filmmakers during its 30th annual Student Academy Awardsduring a ceremony at its BevHills headquarters.

Presenter Bob Saget, who won a Student Academy Award 25 years ago, joked that he should have been banned from returning “just for my suit.”

Other presenters included helmer Michael Apted, Ed Begley Jr. and Acad president Frank Pierson. Eleven students were honored, with gold medals going to Waleed Moursi (alternative), Kimberly Miner (animation), Christof Putzel (docu) and Patricia Riggen (narrative). The winners spent several days in L.A. meeting with showbiz professionals.

“Just by talking to all these people you learn a lot by osmosis,” said Renee Fischer, bronze medal winner in the docu category.