Stallone sib sings retro tune

Frank: 'What's Christina Aguilera going to be doing in 50 years?'

HOLLYWOOD — Frank Stallone, forever to be known as Sly‘s brother, picked up the crooner torch during Thursday night’s record release party for “In Love in Vain” at Capitol Records’ Recording Studio A, made famous by American Songbook greats Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra.

The singer-thesp, who got his start in rock, said the switch “was a natural progression. I wanted to stay in the business. I mean, what’s Christina Aguilera going to be doing in 50 years?”

According to brother Sly, who made a fashionably late appearance at the party, Frank has been hung up on the style since he was 10 years old. “Frank Sinatra never passed away in our house,” said Sly. “He just jumped into my brother’s mouth.”

Also at the party were Tony Danza, “Rocky” foe Carl Weathers, Charles Napier and “Laugh-In” vetGary Owens and arranger Sammy Nestico.