Polo rides high with U.K. showbiz crowd

Royals, thesps mingle at Cartier Int'l Day match

It’s not just the moneyed society crowd that that turn out for the Cartier International Day polo match. The Royals (Prince Harry, on the field playing in the first match, his grandmum, the Queen, presenting the Coronation Cup for the second match) and showbiz icons from TV legend David Frost to the actress giving Keira Knightley a run for the “hottest new actress in the U.K.” moniker, Romola Garai, were all on hand July 27 in Surrey.

Garai, who seems to be in every other new pic coming out in the U.K., from “I Capture the Castle” to “Nicolas Nickleby” and more, admitted (quietly) “It’s my first polo match.” Like many new fans to the sport, Garai was so taken with the color and verve of the on-field play that she said she’s “ready to try” her own hand and join one of the many women’s polo courses that are becoming a U.K social must-do.