‘Pan’ finds believers

Pic, preem party allows youngsters to fly

Never say never to another Neverland.

Though the last few incarnations of “Peter Pan” haven’t gotten much critical praise, this latest take on the J.M. Barrie play could be flying higher than a boy in tights.

Premiering at Grauman’s Chinese on Saturday ayem, the classic tale played well with both the toddlers and parents; teenage girls seemed to have their eyes fixed upon Jeremy Sumpter, the newest lad to go all green.

Douglas Wick said wife Lucy Fisher (both are “Pan” producers) has wanted to bring the live-action story to the bigscreen since she bought the rights 23 years ago.

“She always pretended to play Wendy as a kid,” Wick said. “This story has been her passion.”

Attendees headed upstairs to the Grand Ballroom for the afterparty, which was decked out with rigs to make youngsters fly.

In attendance were director P.J. Hogan, former first lady Nancy Reagan and daughter Patti Davis, Universal’s Stacey Snider and Ron Meyer, Col’s Amy Pascal and Jeff Blake and Revolution topper Joe Roth.