Mystery surrounds ‘Alias’ game, DVD

Garner finds viewing her digital doppelganger surreal

HOLLYWOOD — When you join the cast of “Alias,” intrigue is sure to follow, even at an event celebrating the release of a videogame and first season DVD at the Pacific Design Center.

Tuesday night’s mysteries were less dangerous than on the small screen, though. Among them: What made Michael Vartan so sick he left halfway through a panel discussion, only to get cozy with co-star Jennifer Garner at the party following; how many martinis did a seemingly tipsy Ron Rifkin down; and would Garner be pestered about her much-in-the-news personal life.

The first two remain unknown, but on the final count the star got a pass, with discussion focused on the upcoming third season and how the cast and creator J.J. Abrams felt seeing their work turned into a game.

“It’s surreal — when I watch her walk, she twitches in a familiar way,” Garner said of her digital doppelganger. “But she’s bigger, better, curvier, tougher and meaner.”

Following a screening of the pilot and DVD gag reel, revelers gathered for a lavish party with game demos and waitresses in red wigs like the one Garner dons in the pilot.