Life in ‘2 Fast’ lane

Helmer's 'popcorn' movie hits the streets

HOLLYWOOD — John Singleton crashed more than cars in “2 Fast 2 Furious”: The helmer tweaked his image as a filmmaker with the film he calls “my attention deficit movie.”

At Tuesday’s Universal Amphitheater preem of the hot-rods-on-steroids racing pic, co-star Mark Boone Junior (who also worked with Singleton on “Rosewood”) said: “In all John’s movies, he’s half action, half preachin’. In this movie, there’s no preachin’ to be done.”

Star Tyrese put it this way: “John stepped his game up.”

Singleton said he wanted to make “my popcorn movie” because he thought “people were taking me too seriously, and all the musicvideo directors were getting the fun work.”

“When I started, I wanted to make a statement,” said the helmer. “I think I’ve grown enough that there doesn’t have to be a statement in every movie.”

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Among the 3,500 filling the Amphitheater were U’s Ron Meyer, Stacey Snider, Scott Stuber and Kathy Nelson; producer Neal Moritz; stars Paul Walker and Eva Mendes; plus guests Vince Vaughn, Matthew McConaughey, Brett Ratner, Jonathan McHugh, Brandy, Jeremy Zimmer, Doug MacLaren, John Fogelman and Cedric the Entertainer.