‘Jet’ lands in Gotham

Binoche finds comedic role not much different from serious ones

Diane Von Furstenberg may have hosted — along with Mike Nichols — the Gotham bow of “Jet Lag” at the Bryant Park Hotel on Tuesday, but the pic’s star, Juliette Binoche, was in Dior. Looking more her usual self, it should be noted: In the film Binoche plays a sentimental beautician whose mascara runs when she hears “The Marseillaise,” and whose taste tends more toward purple boas.

Miramax co-chair Harvey Weinstein, who produced the film, was holding court alongside his daughter (“She’s my spokesperson”) in the hotel bar.

Weinstein said the pic “reminds me of the smart, old-fashioned screwball comedies that Preston Sturges would do.”

Binoche said making her first romantic comedy wasn’t all that different from her usual serieux fare. “You have to be as convincing in comedy as in drama.” There were more laughs on the set this time around, courtesy of co-star Jean Reno. The thesp, whose sleepy eyes make Robert Mitchum look wired in comparison, gave Binoche the giggles when he cheated on eating a sandwich for the camera.

Then there’s the “vinaigrette scene,” which won’t be disclosed here.

Other attendees included pic’s helmer, Daniele Thompson, and guests Richard Avedon, Lauren Bacall, Nora Ephron and Dominick Dunne with son Griffin.