‘Grind’ skates thru on board bow

Producer favors pic for its underdog theme

HOLLYWOOD — Pro skateboarders dominated the ramp as they rolled up to the “Grind” preem at Grauman’s Chinese last Wednesday for a demo followed by a short, hip-hop set by Nappy Roots, which left only tweens and media gawking over “Grind” thesps Adam Brody and Jason London on the red carpet.

Thesp Mike Vogel revealed the thesps left “the skating to professionals” on set — much like the preem party — leaving helmerCasey La Scala and thesp Vince Vieluf awed by the talents of pros like Bam Margera.

Producer Hunt Lowry said he supported the pic, which opened the weekend of the X Games IX in L.A., for the underdog plot more than the topic.

“To be an extreme skater you have to be twisted,” he said.

Others that rolled by for a kick flip with thesps Joey Kern and Jennifer Morrison: Warners’ Alan Horn, Dan Fellman and Greg Silverman, along with pros Mike Vallely, Elissa Steamer and Willy Santos.

— Melissa Goldberg