‘Fighting’ for su-preem-acy

H'w'd Blvd. hosts dueling openings

HOLLYWOOD — Last week’s dueling preems for “The Fighting Temptations” and “Cold Creek Manor” created unexpected surprises for gawkers crowding the Chinese and El Capitan theaters on Hollywood Boulevard.

Those waiting to see Sharon Stone got a dose of “Temptations” star Cuba Gooding Jr. breakdancing in the blockaded street and signing autographs for the El Cap “Creek” crowd. Gawkers desperate for a glimpse of Beyonce Knowles at the Chinese got Dennis Quaid and Jodie Foster instead.

Celebs didn’t have to share the limelight at the after-parties, however. Disney whisked “Creek” guests on shuttles to the White Lotus, while Par’s “Temptation” guests ascended to the Highlands for a long night of live musical performances emceed by Jamie Foxx.

Not exactly the target demographic for “Temptations,” Viacom’s Sumner Redstone said although he grew up listening to Chopin instead of gospel, the pic was “absolutely a Sumner Redstone movie. It makes you want to get up and sing and dance.”

At White Lotus, “Creek” stars bumped, weaved and jostled their way through the crush, stopping every few steps to chat about the movie.

Quaid insisted the movie is not a horror movie but a suspense thriller, noting, “I don’t like horror movies.” Co-star Stephen Dorff, meanwhile, confessed that certain scenes were horrifying — especially the one with poisonous snakes.

“They scared the shit out of me,” Dorff said. “That scene took some serious acting.”