Costner’s at home on the ‘Open Range’

Disney oater hopes to deliver big on small budget

HOLLYWOOD — A cowpoke might reckon that if he made a Western that earned a best picture Oscar and $420 million worldwide, his next oater would command a “T3” level budget.

That would not be the case with Kevin Costner. At Monday’s Cinerama Dome preem of “Open Range” — the actor-helmer’s first Western since “Dances With Wolves” — he said the film was made for $26 million, with “the money that went on the screen around $22 million.”

This was a case of film financing where “if you build it for no money, they will come,” said producer Jake Eberts.

But even at that low price, the movie has to be viable for Disney to pony up the cash, points out Mouse House studio topper Dick Cook.

“You get into trouble when you buy a deal,” Cook said. “You can get burned on anything. The motivating factor was how much we liked the material.”

Among those on the ArcLight’s parking garage roof for the after-party were Disney’s Nina Jacobson, Oren Aviv and Chuck Viane; producer David Valdes; exec producer Armyan Bernstein; stars Robert Duvall and Diego Luna; plus guests Larry Gordon, Mike Medavoy, Frances Fisher, Tom Sherak, Steve Tisch, Charlie Lyons, David Foster, Madeleine Stowe, Cheech Marin and Powers Boothe.