While the talents of the 2002-03 season gathered at Sardi’s to celebrate their Tony noms, a new Broadway star took the stage Sunday night at the Royale Theater one block away.

Christopher Denham, recently graduated from the U. of Illinois, made his Gotham debut essaying the titular role in Athol Fugard’s “Master Harold…and the Boys.”

Lonny Price played the role in 1982 under Fugard’s direction. This time out, Price directs. If memory serves, he has replaced his own buoyant perf with Denham’s far edgier portrayal.

At the Laura Belle preem party, Price talked about their diverging interps of the teen racist. It seems physique is destiny. “Well, I’m shorter than Chris,” Price said.

Denham agreed: “I’m taller than Lonny.”

Sunday night’s “Master Harold” was also notable for the Broadway return of Danny Glover in the same play but a different role, Sam. Michael Boatman of “Spin City” now essays Glover’s old part, Willie.

Glover didn’t have to compete with vivid memories of the original Sam, Zakes Mokae.

“It was a great experience, but it has no resonance for me,” he said of the first Broadway production. “I honestly don’t remember much about it.”